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Cornwall Hill College Grade 8 Design Kit

Suggested Additional Item

You will need the A1 sized Artist Bag and the A2 cutting mat for this course.

Grade 8 Design Kit

This kit consists of:

Foldback Clips 19mm (12), Paper Towling

Artboard Visual Jotter A3 Hardcover, Rembrandt Lyra Art & Design Graphite Pencil set of 12 in a tin, GIOTTO Stilnovo Aquarelle 12 pencils in box, Faber Castell Kneadable Art Eraser, Pilot fineliner- Plastic Mounted Fineliner Metal Sleeve, 30cm Stainless Steel Ruler, Foska Plastic Cutter 18mm, Masking Tape 12mm, Black Album Paper A3 Pack of 10, Ashrad Artists Fixative 200ml, Artboard FLAT GOLDEN TAKLON # 4, Artboard FLAT GOLDEN TAKLON # 6, Artboard FLAT GOLDEN TAKLON # 8, Artboard GOLDEN TAKLON ROUND # 1, Artboard GOLDEN TAKLON ROUND # 5, Artboard GOLDEN TAKLON ROUND # 8, Daler Rowney Simply gouache set – 12 colours, Plastic Kidney shaped palette with 10 wells, 3x ABC Illustration Board A3, Consol Glass jar 500ml, Adjustable Art apron (grey), PRITT Glue Stick 43g, FOSKA SCISSORS 210, Illustration Board A2, X-Pressit Tracing Pads A2 -90gsm.

Plastic Artbox 42 cm, Lettering Stencil 10mm, Isomars Elipse Template 20 30 40 50 deg
A2 Cutting Mat, Tote bag

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