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About Us

Following the dream

Our dream has always been to facilitate the creative journey.  ARTcentric (pty) ltd was born out of a classroom where we recognized the students’ need for convenience and expertise. Not only in terms of art practise but art materials as well.  We would like to take the pressure of finding the right art materials and supply a ready made-up, artist’ approved art kit in various mediums of your choice. There is also an option to build your own kit. To start your own creative journey you just need your own idea and a ARTcentric kit. The kit has everything you would need to start on a new medium and you can add additional items.

Every kit has the potential to change the world.

Even if you are an established artist and you do not have the time to get to the shops you can order and courier it to you.

ARTcentric, the centre for all your creative needs, a place to find your creative self and belong to a creative community.




The company was founded by Ulricke Nelson MA Fine Arts (University of Pretoria) -an artist, mother and teacher.

She was a tertiary lecturer for 8 years before she started her private art classes. Previously she taught at schools on various levels and presented and Old Master projects to toddlers. She has experience teaching art to disabled people and it was mainly through these teaching experiences that ARTcentric (pty) ltd was realized. ARTcentric is the artist’s vision of what an art shop should be. Not only is it her passion to facilitate a creative journey by making the art buying process not as daunting for new students and convenient with delivery for established creatives. She is a practicing artists and illustrator and has extensive hands-on knowledge about the art materials sold on this site.

The special-order service will enable the creative to order your favorite brand and art material even if it is not listed on the site. We will advise and recommend as much as you need.

ARTcentric – facilitating your creative journey

About Us

The company was founded by Ulricke Nelson MA Fine Arts (University of Pretoria). She was a tertiary lecturer for 8 years before she started her private art classes... Read More

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