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Copic Ciao – Series R ( Reds)


Additional information

Colour - Series R ( Reds)

Pinkish White R00, Cherry White R000, Flesh R02, Salmon Red R05, Pink R11, Light Rouge R14, Lipstick Orange R17, Blush R20, Light Prawn R22, Cadmiun Red R27, Lipstick Red R29, Peach R32, Coral R35, Carmine R37, Strong Red R46, Cardinal R59, Rose Pink R81, Rose Red R85, Pale Purple Rv000, Sugar Almd Pk Rv02, Shock Pink Rv04, Cerise Rv06, Pale Pink Rv10, Tender Pink Rv13, Begonia Pink Rv14, Light Pink Rv21, Pure Pink Rv23, Crimson Rv29, Dark Pink Rv34, Salmon Pink Rv42, Peony Rv69, Baby Blossoms Rv95


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