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Copic Markers – Black, Blenders & Series B (Blues)



Additional information

Colour- Black, Blenders & Series B (Blues)

Col/Less Blend 0, Original/Empty, Black 100, Special Blk 110, Frost Blue B00, Mint Blue B01, Robin Eg/Blue B02, Tahitian Blue B04, Process Blue B05, Peacock Blue B06, Ice Blue B12, Light Blue B14, Cyanine Blue B16, Lapis Lazuli B18, Baby Blue B21, Pthalo Blue B23, Sky B24, Cobalt Blue B26, Ultramarine B29, Pale Blue B32, Mangan Blue B34, Antwerp Blue B37, Prussian Blu B39, Powder Blue B41, Smoky Blue B45, New Blue Bg02, Holiday Blu Bg05, Blue Green Bg09, Cool Shad Bg10, Moon White Bg11, Mint Green Bg13, Aqua Bg15, Teal Blue Bg18, Aqua Mint Bg32, Horizon Grn Bg34, Nile Blue Bg45, Duck Blue Bg49, Flagstn.Blu Bg99, Mauve Shad Bv00, Blue Berry Bv04, Blue Violet Bv08, Gray Lavend Bv23, Pale Lavend Bv31


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