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Mont Marte Zippered Brush Wallet


Keep your paint brushes organised and in great condition with our cleverly designed Zippered Brush Wallet. As well as being a compact carry case, this paint brush wallet folds to create a brush stand for your studio. It’s versatile, practical and perfect for artists on the move.

Our paint brush wallet holds up to 22 brushes or palette knives. It can fit any brush up to 33cm in length and folds flat for easy transport and storage. Whether you’re working in the studio or in the field, keep your brushes protected and organised with our Zippered Brush Wallet.

Protects paint brushes: this paint brush wallet keeps your paint brushes in great condition by protecting the bristles from damage.
Holds a range of brush sizes: suitable for all brushes up to 33cm.
Compact: easy to carry and store when not in use.
Holds up to 22 brushes or palette knives.
2 large pockets for palette or paper storage.
Converts into a brush stand: the clever design allows you to easily fold this paint brush wallet into a stand for convenient access to your tools while you work.


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